Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 06/07/11: Beijing Bicycle, Yakisoba Bliss, Wrap It, Bonus! Dirk

1.  World Lit. students who wanted to see another international movie made in the 21st century came to CEN 009 and we watched "Beijing Bicycle".  It's a beautifully filmed movie, sometimes tender, other times violent, of life in Beijing at the turn of the century.  The bicycle becomes of metaphor for China's move toward capitalism, for its emergence as a first world country, for the migration of workers out of the country into the city.  By turns it inspires admiration and revulsion.

2.  Burger Lovers on West 7th is a combination of two former Eugene eateries:  Jamie's Hamburgers and the Korean restaurant at Payless/Rite Aid.  I stopped in today for some Chicken Yakisoba, brought it home, and experienced Yakisoba bliss. 

3.  I've had the electric frying pan back in action more over the last week or so and tonight I sauteed sweet onions, fried diced potatoes, sauteed red peppers and portabella mushrooms, and fried a pound of ground beef and the Deke and I enjoyed this mixture wrapped in a flour tortilla, mine with melted cheese, hers not; mine with Frank's Hot Sauce, hers with salsa.  We were well satisfied with dinner.

Bonus:  Dirk.  I wish I'd seen his performance with a triple digit fever on television, but listening to the Mav's radio broadcast and post-game comments on FB by Rick Wainright gave me a pretty good sense of Dirk's mental toughness and admirable play in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

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