Monday, July 3, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 07/02/17: Photo Walk, Mom's Many Visitors, BLTs at Christy's and Garden Tour Pictures

1. After some morning coffee, a phone call with the Deke, and some breakfast, I walked the trail up to the high school and, for the first time since Harriet Potter stayed with us in Greenbelt, I took some pictures.  I need to keep taking photo walks.  I was very rusty with the camera today. 

2. I returned home, dropped off my camera, and went over to the nursing home to see Mom. Christy was there and she and Mom talked about new pajamas and some new clothes Christy could order for her. Upon my arrival, Susan and Joe Kerns also arrived. Christy and I left Joe and Susan alone with Mom and talked over some things in a community room down the hall. We came back and Zoe and Jason arrived so I went home. As the early afternoon unfolded, Molly, Cosette, Paul, and Laurie all came to see Mom.  Mom was alone at about 3:00, I returned, and she was wiped out. One of the aids changed her bed and put a new shirt and pants on Mom and Mom laid down and went to sleep. I checked back on Mom around 5:00 and she was asleep. The day of wonderful visitors made her very tired. 

3. Back across the street, Christy had cut lettuce from her garden and she fixed Everett, her, and me BLTs for dinner. It turns out I was bushed, too. After dinner, I thought I would go do some shopping at Yoke's, but I collapsed into bed.  I can shop on Monday.

Here are three pictures from Friday morning, the day Mom came over to see her yard and gardens and Christy's.

Mom and I on Garden Tour Day, June 30th

Christy and Mom on Garden Tour Day, June 30th

Tucker, Paul, and Mom on Garden Tour Day, June 30th

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