Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 07/17/17: Mom Update, Sweet Creek, Bier Stein, 16 Tons with the Band

Before I write a bit about my day in Eugene, I have good news from back in Kellogg.  Today Mom was moved into a private room at Kindred. It will give her more space to live among things from her home, a quieter room to rest in, and more room for family and friends when we visit. This change came as a surprise to all of us, a most welcome surprise.

1. I had a wide open day today so I packed up my camera and drove to Sweet Creek Falls, one of my very favorite spots anywhere. It couldn't have been more perfect weather for a hike: warm, with frequent cool breezes and the trail at Sweet Creek is comfortably shaded. I will look at and edit my pictures when I get back to Kellogg, but I had the time of my life taking all black and white shots, primarily playing with all the light and shadow contrasts available every step of the way.

2. Upon returning to Eugene, I realized I'd hardly eaten a thing all day. I went to the Bier Stein and had a snifter of Block 15's Sticky Hands Imperial IPA and a half a Reuben sandwich -- which was just right. When I lived in Eugene, I loved going to the Bier Stein in the afternoons. It's much quieter than in the evening and there are always empty seats at the horseshoe bar and that's where I enjoy sitting. Today was perfect.  For dessert, I ordered 4 oz. of Epic's Big Bad Baptist, a whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout made with coffee and cocoa nibs. It was a perfect topper to a relaxing session at the horseshoe bar back at the Bier Stein.

3. The Deke practiced all day with the Babes with Axes and, as I was getting ready to leave the Bier Stein, a text message flew into my phone asking me to make a beer run for the band.


I stopped at the New Frontier Market and bought the band a sixer of 8 Ball Stout and one of Torpedo and delivered it to Laura's house where I found the band in good spirits and ready for a break.

Later on, I knew the Deke and Katie were going to go to 16 Tons eventually, so I started to walk there and as I was hoofing it down West Broadway, there, seated at a table on the sidewalk outside Ambrosia, was Barbara Breaden, a good friend I taught with at LCC for about twenty-five years. Barbara is also retired and she told me about the invigorating ways she has spent her retirement -- tutoring, taking Spanish classes, among other things. It was a thrilling surprise to see Barbara and to see her looking terrific and learning she is living such a good life.

It turned out the band was at 16 Tons and I joined them at their table, ate a couple of La Perla pieces of pizza, enjoyed a can of pilsner beer and couple 4 oz pours of sour ales from Logsdon and before long the Deke and I walked back to our rental, stopping off along the way at the quiet and airy Wandering Lamb for a Marker's Mark on the rocks.

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