Sunday, July 30, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 07/29/17: Quiet Day, Family Dinner, Up the River and Back

1. It was another quiet day with Mom. Between the morning and the afternoon, I spent five hours in her company and she slept the entire time, either in her wheelchair or in bed. She declined offers in the morning to get dressed, but aides dressed her soon after my morning visit. She woke up a little bit when her next door neighbor, Jane, visited, but also nodded off while Jane told her about her plans for the day. I read a lot while keeping an eye on Mom. Again, today, I was grateful that Mom's slept peacefully, without agitation and, it appeared, without pain.

2. Christy fixed a delicious dinner: wilted lettuce salad, dressed cucumber slices, and stuffed zucchini. Carol, Paul, and Molly (and Sadie) came over to Christy and Everett's and we had a good time together over a family meal.

3. I went up the river to Sharon and Danny Waldo's with Ed for a short visit to a friend's wife's retirement party. I joined Jake, Carol, Ed, Wanda, Sharon, Danny, Al, and others sat in a circle around a roaring campfire and people told stories and wisecracked. I relaxed with the help of a margarita and soon was getting a little drowsy and Ed and I headed out.

Back at Christy and Everett's, the Deke and Christy were talking out back and I joined them briefly for a very small drink, but I was bushed and excused myself and went to bed.

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