Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 07/24/17: Goodbye to Eugene and Molly, Easy Drive, Christy and Everett's Back Yard

1. The Deke and I left the condo we rented for the last week and headed to Lindsey's to drop off her bag, find out more about her short stay in Eugene, and to say good-bye. We roared out of Eugene after a visit packed with seeing friends and visiting some of our favorite haunts. The Babes with Axes show was the peak experience and on the nine and a half hour drive to Kellogg, songs from Saturday night played over and over in my head.

If you go here and scroll down on T. R.'s Facebook page, you'll find pictures from the show and keep scrolling and you'll find a video recording of the second half of the show -- the recording documented the intermission -- you might want to skip that -- and I don't know what happened to the show's first half -- oh, well....

2. Our drive from Eugene to Kellogg was uneventful, smooth -- my favorite kind of drive.

3. Upon our return, we joined Christy and Everett in their back yard for drinks and dinner and got caught up on news about Mom. Mom has been having rough, distressed days, occasionally interrupted by periods of peace and clarity. I'll write more about Mom when I resume my own visits.

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