Saturday, July 8, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 07/07/17: Breakfast, Mom Update, No-Cook Pasta Sauce

1. After meeting with an attorney and picking up papers, Christy and I had a satisfying breakfast at Best Shots.

2. We arrived at around 10:00 a.m. to see Mom and we learned that she had, just moments before, asked to be put back on her bed and she was asleep. Christy tried to wake her up. Mom stirred a bit, but it was at that point we learned that she'd retired a few minutes ago, and we left her alone. I returned around lunch time and Mom was still asleep, but not long after I arrived, an aid woke Mom up to eat. Christy arrived soon after 1:00 and she and Mom visited much of the afternoon and I returned to be with Mom at dinner time. Mom didn't eat much today -- she didn't like the Mexican casserole at lunch very much or the pizza she was served at dinner. I left around 6:15 or so to join Christy and Everett for dinner.

3. It was a blistering, thick, muggy day in Kellogg and I didn't want to do much cooking. I found a recipe for no-cook garlic and tomato pasta sauce, here, and mixed it with rotini. I improvised a bit. I added Kalamata olives and brine and the juice of a lemon. I also made a garlic paste or sauce in the food processor with several cloves of garlic, olive oil, and olive brine. I served this meal as a pasta salad, really, rather than as a warm dish it's meant to be. I thought it worked.

After dinner, I returned to check on Mom and she was asleep, in her clothes, and the aid in her room told me that pretty soon she would be changing her into pajamas and putting her to bed.

I went to the Inland Lounge and spent time over a couple of beers talking with Harley, Candy, and Julie. They left after a while and I yakked for quite a while with Cas.

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