Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Beautiful Things 07/23/17: Bagels, Oakshire with the Turners, A Quick Eugene Tour

1. The Deke and Molly and I were up until about 3 a.m. after the Babes with Axes show. I was dragging this morning, but a stroll down to Bagel Sphere to bring a couple of bagels back to the condo helped.

2. I drove the Deke out to Laura's and Babes with Axes split their earnings and talked about things. I didn't hang around because Terry and Nancy Turner were in town and, along with Katie and her two girls, we got together for about an hour and a half at the Oakshire pub.

3. I picked up the Deke back at Laura's and we drove out to the building where she used to teach and went by the new Roosevelt Middle School. We had some food at High Street and a made one more stop at Cornucopia and returned to our rental where we both immediately fell asleep.

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