Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 03-10-20: Trip to St. Regis, A Stop in Saltese, Zags Win Conference Tournament

1. Lars, Stu, and I piled into Cas's truck and Carol Lee, Joni, and Ed piled into Jake and Carol Lee's rig and we caravaned over Lookout Pass to St. Regis to visit Janice, Goose's widow. First, we stopped uptown at JB's Country Garden and bought some indoor plants in a miniature wagon as a gift for Janice and then we roared on over to Montana.

It was a great visit. Janice was happy to see us and we talked a lot about her life:  the remodel project going on at the family store, Janice's daughter Tiffany's soon to be born baby son, and other things related to life after Goose.

We sat in Janice's living room, spent time outdoors on her deck overlooking the Clark Fork River, and told old stories about Kirk. Janice served us the brand of pizza they will soon be selling in the store's new deli with a nice selections of soda pops.

2. After visiting for a couple of hours, we piled back in the rigs and headed to Saltese and visit to the Old Montana Bar and Grill to enjoy a cold drink or two and to continue visiting and telling stories. We were all happy to have seen Janice and agreed that she is doing really well despite the many challenges she's faced and is facing since Kirk died.

3.  After halftime, Gonzaga double and even triple teamed St. Mary's terrific guard, Jordan Ford, and held him in check. This move slowed down the Gaels' offense, opened the way for the Zags to score points in transition and out of their offensive sets and, after a tight first half, Gonzaga cruised to an 84-66 victory and won the WCC Conference Tournament.

I watched the game with Christy and Everett and was grateful to be invited over for pizza and salad along with watching the game. We were all relieved that Gonzaga played such a strong second half, outscoring the Gaels, 42-25, and that we could enjoy their win without much anxiety.

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