Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 03/02/20: Clean Up, Strolling Kellogg, Phone Call with Michael

1. I still have a bit more to do, but I made quite a mess to clean up in the kitchen after preparing a Greek appetizer, salad, soup, and entree on Sunday and serving a cocktail before dinner, wine during dinner, and an after dinner drink.

2. I parked the Sube down by the Inland Lounge this afternoon and walked up McKinley to Main and then a ways on Portland, by the Post Office to drop off a bill at the outdoor mailbox, and strolled on up Division to Market to the library to return a book. Uptown Kellogg was quiet. Some people were working out in the uptown fitness center. I passed a woman and a child as I headed north on Main. Dirty Treads Bike and Coffee Shop was closed. Backcountry Cafe was done for the day. The Lounge is open on Fridays and Saturdays only. I don't know what happened to the old YMCA building becoming a remodeled home to an innovation collective. A couple of years ago, the guy behind that idea posted an energetic, optimistic video. In it, he talked about transforming the YMCA into a hub of local innovation and activity. Didn't he mention a cigar room?  I seem to remember people went to meetings to learn more about this project. I guess it never got off the drawing board or out of the dream stage. Things are dormant at the old YMCA -- they have been for a long time.

I returned to the Sube.

I sighed.

I fired up the old car, eased back through town, made my way to Yoke's, purchased a few items, and headed home.

3.  Michael called from Eugene and we yakked on the phone for nearly 90 minutes. We talked a lot about the death of his brother. Our conversation branched out into many directions from there. Michael and I taught together at LCC and used to visit one another's offices and talk about a wide range of things, often in long conversations -- we talked about teaching, philosophy, Shakespeare, spirituality, sports, music, books, movies, family life, and many other things. Conversations at and around LCC with Michael, Dan, Jerome, Margaret, Lynn, Pam, Rita, Russell, Anne, Jeff, Linda, Kathleen, Sparky and many others at LCC enlivened my work, enriched my mind, and fed my soul.

It was very satisfying to re-enter that phase of my life again this evening. I look forward to when I can travel to Eugene again and see my friends in person.

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