Monday, March 30, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 03/29/20: Taxes Filed, Debbie's Dinner, Word Puzzles BONUS Stu's Limerick

1. With my pretend office all straightened up and our scant tax records gathered, I spent the afternoon filling out forms and I filed our taxes. It's an annual relief for me just to get them done.  I enjoyed having this task completed so much that I mixed myself a Tanqueray dry martini up, stirred, and with three olives, a refreshing reward and my day's only cocktail.

2. While in Eugene, Debbie got into making a one pan meal that includes onion, garlic, fire roasted diced tomatoes, beans, and vegetables. Tonight she made one of these mixtures with garbanzo beans, leftover squash pieces, corn, and green beans. Both of us put last night's cabbage salad in the mix in our bowls and ate it over rice. I seasoned my rice with Bragg's Liquid Amminos before adding what Debbie made and enjoyed my meal a lot.

3. Not too long ago, I was on a word puzzle kick. Inexplicably, I fell off that wagon for a while but I jumped back on this evening and rested my mind wearied from income figures and tax deductions by doing a handful of Jumbles and thinking it's about time to pull out the crosswords again.

Here's Stu's limerick for today, followed by a note for those of you from outside the Mullan/Wallace/Kellogg metro area.

There are Minors and Miners it's written.
And the proud Tigers name sure seems fittin'.
But while the purple and gold,
And Wildcats' name never grows old.
It's tough when you're first called a Kitten.

Team nicknames in North Idaho:

Wallace Miners
Mullan Tigers
Kellogg High School Wildcats: colors are purple and gold
Kellogg Junior High, decades ago, were the Kittens

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