Saturday, March 28, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 03/27/20: Faithful to Illusions, New Lamps, Squeeze Bottles and Containers BONUS: A Limerick by Stu

1. Kathy B. told me that upon reading the ending of The Age of Innocence, she threw the book across the room. I finished the novel today and I didn't throw it across the room. (I can see why a person would, though.)  I thought a lot about how Edith Wharton, writing in the third person, filtered her story through the point of view of Newland Archer. Her understanding of Archer's self-centeredness and immaturity, epitomized by his devotion to the reality he'd manufactured in his mind, is probing. In relation to Countess Ellen Olenska, he was faithful to the Grade B movie in his head right up to the end.

2. Debbie ordered a set of three lamps for the house, two table and one floor, and, with their arrival, we did a little rearranging of things in the house and our living room is a lighter room.

3. I enjoy storing cooking oils, sauces (like soy), and different kinds of vinegar in 16 oz condiment squeeze bottles, labeling them, and having them on the counter near the stove ready to use. I had ordered a second set of seven of these bottles the other day and today I filled four of them with three different kinds of vinegar and another with sesame oil. I have eleven bottles ready to use and three empty ones. I've also become fond of 32 oz deli food storage containers and I use them to store the stocks I've made, to store leftovers in the refrigerator, for storage of dry foods, and for granola. Our supply of granola was almost gone today and I made a batch early this evening with some emphasis this time on using maple syrup as a sweetener. I hope it works.

Stu sent me another limerick for your enjoyment. Here it is:

There are times we must all agree
When crazy is all we can see.
But when looking at others,
People's Fathers and Mothers.
This world sure ain't all about me.

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