Sunday, October 11, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 10-10-20: Music Lover's Poetry, Cooler, CDs Ripped BONUS A Limerick by Stu

1.  I waited until today to watch Friday's edition Billy Collin's poetry broadcast.  We learned that his MRI earlier in the week revealed that he did not suffer a stroke nor does he have a tumor. After thinking Billy Collins seemed tired, maybe even a bit weary, the last few days, he appeared rested and was sharper today. 

I appreciate these broadcasts the most when Billy Collins introduces poets, and, sometimes, anthologies of poetry, that are new to me. Today he read from The Music Lover's Poetry Anthology, a book that sounds so promising that I ordered myself a copy (through, a site that serves as a clearing house for independent bookstores). 

Billy Collins read some of his poems and he gave us a homework assignment. Next week, he'll become our literature professor for a short while and we'll stroll through Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" together.

2. I spent quite a bit of time today making changes in what's running on my Mac and now it's running cooler.

3. I also stuck my toe into the shallow end of the Mac Music app and imported Debbie's three cds as .wav files and parked them on my desktop, setting myself up to move forward on the project I've undertaken, working with Debbie's recorded music. 

A limerick by Stu:

If you think of this "Summer of Twenty".
There's been unrest and disasters a plenty!
Hurricanes, fires and floods,
Riots and on it's the druds.
It seems a message's being senty. 

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