Sunday, October 4, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 10/03/20: (Facebook Notes Going Away) Road Trip, River Walk, Theater Dream BONUS A Limerick by Stu

 Note on Facebook Notes: The Facebook corporation has notified those of us who publish "Notes" that, starting November 1, the Facebook conglomerate will no longer make the creating or publishing of "Notes" available. For quite a while, I've been posting my blog posts both at and on Facebook as a "Note". Soon, I'll post a link on Facebook to my blog for those of you who read my posts and, if you want to comment or like/love the post, you can go back to that Facebook post and do so. 

1. I hopped in the Sube and headed west and then a ways south today. I got off the freeway at Cataldo and traveled on E. Canyon Road to the Rose Lake freeway overpass and then headed down Highway 3 to the Highway 97 junction and drove on 97 to Harrison and a ways beyond to the Springston Trailhead on the Trail of the CdAs. Later, I returned to Highway 97 and drove along Lake Coeur d'Alene back to the Wolf Lodge area, hopped back on I-90 and returned to Kellogg.

It was a scenic drive, a bit hazy, but I enjoyed the variety of mountain views, the several sloughs and other wetland areas visible from the road, and the many views of some of the Chain Lakes and  Lake Cd'A. 

As I passed through Harrison, I entered a mob scene. I didn't know what was going on! Numerous motorcyclists were in town, cars lined the streets, people milled around, the sidewalks were packed. Then I saw a sign: Harrison Oktoberfest. I had forgotten about this annual blow out and certainly didn't realize it was today. I didn't stop nor was I impeded in any way as I drove through town. I was simply not expecting the often sleepy town of Harrison to be so packed with people!

2. I crossed the single lane bridge leading to the Springston Trailhead, eased into the parking lot, and got my bearings. I has been nearly a year since I've taken pictures. I sat for a few minutes with my camera and made sure the settings were what I wanted.

My walk on the trail exposed what miserable physical condition I'm in, but it sure felt good to be out in motion again. Several bicyclists were on the trail, looking happy with the mild weather, happy to be cruising near the CdA River, happy with a little bit of fall color beginning to appear. Likewise, the occasional group of people tootling on the river in roomy motorboats seemed happy, many of them laughing and talking with such abandon I could hear them over the sound of their engines. 

I walked about a mile east on the trail and the mile back. I didn't have the strength or the wind for much more. My walk was a welcome, if somewhat harsh, reminder that I need to keep getting out and keep moving.

While I enjoyed this walk along and near the river, I didn't take any pictures. I just couldn't seem to frame anything I saw into a picture I wanted to snap. 

3. I dreamed overnight that I was involved in a theater project and that many people I worked with across campus at Lane Community College were involved as cast members and we were having a cast party, although I'm not sure what we had performed. The dream peaked when Sparky Roberts appeared. She was in charge of this theater outfit. She was both tired and deep in thought and wanted to have a private conversation with me about our theater group's upcoming production of Stephen Sondheim's musical, Company. My sense was she didn't think we could be ready to perform it when it was scheduled to go on and wondered what I thought we should do. I don't suppose I'll ever know how that talk went!

A limerick by Stu:

What do you do when you’re low? 
When you need to move fast, but move slow? 
Can you push right on through it, 
Or do you say, “ah just screw it!”? 
Or depends, can be “to” or be “fro”?

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