Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 10/05/20: MacBook Air Arrived, Breakfast Plans, Pear Salad and Camboloza Dessert BONUS A Limerick by Stu

1.  The laptop I've been using for nearly ten years is physically falling apart and I have been (stupidly) slow getting out of the Windows 7 environment. Today, however, I began a new challenge in my little world of personal computing. My MacBook Air arrived. I did enough reading about getting started and enough about how this different operating system works to get going -- enough so that I am using the MacBook Air to write this blog post. 

I'm not much of a comparison/contrast person. All I can say is that I am enjoying using a space bar that's not detached from my computer (that's how busted my HP had become!) and I'm familiarizing myself with the terminology and somewhat different ways to do tasks in the Mac environment. I had one puzzling thing happen during start up when I couldn't establish an Apple ID with my new Mac, but I used my cell phone, went to apple.com, poked around a bit, and established my account.  I also recovered my Download folder and it's back on the Dock after I accidentally moved it into Trash. 

The best news is that I didn't panic when I had these problems and with some calm thinking and a little help from Siri, I cured these minor hiccups. 

2.  As I've no doubt made said 1000 times by now, I'm spending as little time as possible in places where people aren't protecting each other with face coverings. It's why I've eaten all but one of my meals, since March, at home or with family. I ate one breakfast out, at Le Peep, happy they had outdoor seating.

So, I haven't eaten at Sam's since March, but I've thought about Sam's. When I ate there weekly, I used to wish they offered hamburger steak as a breakfast option. 

Well, Mike and Ed are coming over for breakfast on Tuesday morning and I'm going to fix us hamburger steak with hash browns, hamburger gravy on the side, fried eggs, and toast. 

Therefore, I made a quick trip to Yoke's this evening and picked up what I needed to make this new, for me, breakfast and began to contemplate and plan how I can make it work with the cookery I have -- I think I have a plan!

3.  Lately, I've been finding that it's been taking less and less food to fill me up when I prepare a meal. I alluded to this yesterday when I wrote about how in my head I imagined myself eating the leftover ham and bean soup at Christy's right out of the crock pot after I finished my bowl of it. My fantasies were strong, but my flesh was weak. I just do better eating less. So, lately, my dinners have been salads. Tonight, I followed Christy's lead and made a green salad that included a pear (Carol gave me some of her haul, too). All I did was toss Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, some Kalamata olives, chopped celery, and pear slices together and dress this salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar. 

I finished this little meal with button mushroom dabs of creamy Camboloza Black Label cheese on Effie's Oatcake biscuits, a most pleasing little dessert.

Here's a limerick by Stu: 

Are you able to sleep on the ground? 
With no mattress, just how does that sound? 
Bet you did as a kid, 
Just like most of us did. 
But now cushioned feels better I’ve found.

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