Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Three Beautiful Things 10/12/20:Walks, Rays Win, Braves Win BONUS A Limerick by Stu

1. I went on two Sunnyside walks today, both of them fairly short and racked up about 3000 steps.  I've decided, for now, that more short walks is the best way for me to get moving regularly. After not reading or listening to it for a while, I listened to The Pillars of the Earth while I walked. I enjoyed being back into this book.

2. The Rays did it again. They took advantage of a first inning throwing error by the Astros' Jose Altuve and scored three runs in the first inning when Manuel Margot followed Altuve's error by slamming a three run home run. Time and time again, the Astros put runners on base, but the Rays' defense made run saving plays, including an acrobatic catch by Manuel Margot. He chased down a foul fly ball struck by George Springer, fought the sun, made the catch, and flipped head over heels over a railing and fell about six feet into a stairwell. He kept possession of his catch, was shaken up for a few minutes, but never left the game. The Astros scored a couple of runs, one on a Carlos Correa homer and another when Springer hit into a double play with the bases loaded in the ninth, but, in the end, the Rays won 4-2.

3. Atlanta broke open a 1-1 game with home runs by Austin Riley and Ozzie Albies in the top of the ninth inning. If the Dodgers have a weakness as a very strong team, it's their bullpen. Tonight, their bullpen cost them this game, while, on the other hand, the Braves' relievers pitched masterfully and preserved a strong outing by Max Friers. The Dodgers also got a strong performance from their starter, Walker Buehler, but not as long of an outing as they would have liked, so this game put a strain on their pitching staff and, to add to their problems, the Dodgers lost the game, 5-1. 

For Game 2, the Dodgers will pitch Clayton Kershaw and the Braves will turn to their whirling dervish of a flute player, who, even at his age and taking into account all his great years fronting Jethro Tull, can still bring the heat -- yes, the Braves will be starting Ian Anderson.

A limerick by Stu: 

As into the Fall we are easin’. 
Gotta like it for many a reason. 
You’ve got Fall Sports and the Series, 
Changing colors beats the drearies. 
Many choose Autumn for their favorite Season!

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