Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sibling Assignment #70: A Dream Vacation

InlandEmpireGirl assigned this piece: "Share a memorable family vacation memory that involved all three of us."

IEGirl teaches her readers lessons learned at the Oregon coast, here (red flag: when you read this, make sure your mouth is free of any liquid. Otherwise, chances are good you'll spit it all over your computer).

Silver Valley Girl has been too busy chumming with Hillary Clinton, worshiping at the National Cathedral, and directing and acting in "Phantoms of the Melodrama" at the Sixth Street Melodrama in Wallace,
D. C. Idaho to do much writing.

We're thinking she might post a piece in April. Uh, 2010.

I've decided to do this assignment by not looking to the past, but looking to the future. My sisters and I have begun to go on "sibling outings" when we see each other in Idaho. We realized that we never did anything on our own without parents, spouses, kids, dogs or whoever. Now we do. Little trips. Just us.

I've been thinking. How about if we expanded sibling outing to sibling vacation? Just the three of us. And how about if (somehow) money and time were not a concern? What would I like to see us do? Here goes:

1. Autumn. Our sibling vacation would happen in the fall, preferably October. Temperatures would have cooled down, families would be settled back into school schedules, and, autumn is the favorite season for all three of us.

2. New England. We'd fly to New England. New England would satisfy our enjoyment of cities, rural, and marine areas. We all love history, art, music, and theater; we are sports fans, too. Well, to a degree. New England would be the perfect part of the country for us to enjoy snapping photographs, eating a variety of food, and combining rushing around with lying back and relaxing.
Walter Lynn Mosely: website here

3. New York City. We'd fly into New York and spend the first several days of our vacation going to plays, visiting museums, walking in Central Park, finding fun food, paying our respects at Ground Zero, and leaving time to do things we hadn't planned on.

wallyg via

4. Leaves. We would time everything around seeing the colors of the leaves. If October is too late, we'd go in September. If being in New York City first wrecked the timing of seeing leaves in the country, we'd go to NYC later.

5. Maine. I want to explore Maine. I would only impose my will upon my sisters about two things: we are going to Maine, both to see the ocean and to tour the inland part of the state and
we'll watch a game of
Baxter State Park
for more Bob Atkins go here

6. Football. I would insist that we attend an autumn afternoon football game somewhere small. Ivy League maybe? Maybe a SUNY school? Division III? Maybe a little bigger if Army were playing at home. I'd love to go to any one of the small colleges in New England and take in an afternoon football game. I know it would be a struggle for Silver Valley Girl. Remember this post?

Ithaca College vs. Norwich

Here's a start. I'm hoping my sisters will comment on this post with ideas of their own for our dream New England vacation and maybe you, as a reader, will give us some ideas, too. That would be fun.


Anonymous said...

I only wish I was one of your siblings!!

MarmiteToasty said...

I second anonymous's comment.....

You all were very fortunate and lucky to have such a wonderful family......

Sending over adoption papers to be signed as soon as possible....


Inland Empire Girl said...

Great idea to go to New England. My choice would be to go tour the 1000 Islands.
Fall? October classic... I can't believe you didn't mention the playoffs or World Series, especially if the Red Sox are playing.
My other suggestion is to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA.
We better start planning... Silver Valley Girl with have to pencil us in at least three years ahead.

Silver Valley Girl said...

It sounds great to me. My suggestion would be taking a side trip to Martha's Vineyard, and maybe hang out with JT. (I think that is where he lives).

Okay, I penciled it in...October 2011. Let's get planning!!

Nita Jo said...

Ok! You must include special cousins for the JT thing. I already told LDR that my dream is to be there to see her dream of singing a duet with JT. And Martha's Vineyard... ooooh! I could even force myself to sit through a football game for that!