Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 07/29/08: Unexpected Reunion, Keys, Blueberry Shakes

1. Unexpectedly, I ran into Margaret and Jeff in the corner where our offices are located and we shot the breeze for a while. I hadn't seen either of them since school got out mid-June.

2. The Deke has been working hard to get her new classroom cleaned up and arranged for the beginning of school. She called me mid-afternoon to say that somewhere amidst the color pencils, old textbooks, tag board, plastic tubs, and other stuff she had set down her house/car keys and couldn't find them. I drove her another set. Pretty funny.

3. The Deke blended us up homemade blueberry milk shakes after dinner tonight. Another shakeasm!


MGM said...

You know...when I was PREGNANT, I craved blueberries like nobody's business.

Just sayin'.

Inland Empire Girl said...

Tell The Deke losing keys is an occupational hazard with teaching. I now have a wristy thingy I always wear that hold my keys. Mine have gone in the garbage, been left in bathrooms, almost home with a student, and many, many times buried under a pile of stuff in the classroom. I tried one of those lanyard things, but my keys were so dirty I always got stains on my jackets and shirts. lol

MarmiteToasty said...

Your schools go back soon? blimey, ours only broke up last week LOL....