Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three Beautiful Things 07/27/08: SmallWorld Reads, Tammie Lee, Not that Good

1. I've taken an interest in the lovely writing and voracious reading habits of the home schooling mother and graduate of Iowa State University's creative writing program over at SmallWorld Reads.

2. I discovered the spiritual nature photography of Tammie Lee today over at Spirithelpers. I recommend you check out her blog and her business website, here.

3. I love movies, but I don't think I write very well about them. I love watching actors, but I don't think I write about acting very well. I am trying to make this blog a place where I write stuff, whether it's very good or not. I really had to push myself today and yesterday to post my writing about Jennifer Jason Leigh. Honestly, I don't think it's very good writing, but I stayed true to my conviction to post what I have to say whether it's all that good or not. (It reminds me. One of my favorite fellow teachers told me he didn't think my writing on my blog was all that good. I was very happy with myself when I took his comment in stride. I didn't get defensive. I know I'm doing my best to write and I'm not always good, but I'm posting it just the same. It's huge for me. [So there!])


Kendra said...

Here's my three beautiful things: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Not necessarily how they are portrayed from years of preconceptions pounded in our heads from bitter priests, but how I now picture them mentally after reading The Shack. Have you read it yet? I don't know if you've read any of my rave reviews/ synopses (is that the correct plural form of synopsis? hope so) but if not, please do. I posted one on Sunday's Wild Card which I really think sums up the story quite well. I suppose the writing isn't really all that spectacular, but the author gets major bonus points for originality, and although shockingly outside the norm in its descriptions of the Trinity and whatnot, it truly does seem to be scripturally sound.
All in all, I can't recommend it highly enough. Please go read it, RP!

Anonymous said...

Hey- I think all of your writing is fabulous and look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. Who cares what anyone else thinks? Everyone has their own style and your style is easy to read and follow. Keep up the great work! You get an A in my book! ~T

SmallWorld Reads said...

Wow! I am honored! Thank you for your kind words.

Is three beautiful things of your own making or is it a blog meme somewhere? I love the concept.

And I didn't see you mention Jennifer Jason-Leigh in Shortcuts. Did you see that? Incredibly disturbing but amazing. Got me hooked on Raymond Carver. My first encounter with JJL was watching the after-school special, "THe Best Little Girl in the World" (I think it was called).