Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/10/09: Appreciating Jane, Appreciating My Classmates, Appreciating Kindness and Generosity

1. Jane, my long lost, now found, choir and Cockroach Castle friend from NIC read my entire blog and wrote me the very kindest words of appreciation for what I've written. My gratitude cannot be measured.

2. Several of my KHS Class of '72 friends have expressed appreciation for the things I've written on this blog about our friendships and deepening relationships. My gratitude cannot be measured, nor can my sense of gratification that the friends I've known the longest are pleased with what I write.

3. I was moved by the kindness and generosity of a man and a woman who had telescopic lenses zeroed in on a mother peregrine falcon at Mears Cove -- and the woman, out of the blue, invited me to have a look through the telescope at the peregrine falcon.

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