Friday, August 14, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/13/09: Pre-beauty, Munson Creek Falls, Lookout Cape State Park, Nehalem Bay State Park

I'll sneak in a pre-Beautiful Thing before I begin today's official, actual, real, genuine list: I ate a corn beef hash and fried eggs and hash browns and sourdough toast and coffee breakfast at the Dutch Mill Restaurant, est 1933, in downtown Tillamook. The waitress was a hun waitress, "Will that be all, hun?" (I love hon waitresses). Not much action in the cafe: two guys, one engaged, at the counter and a man and woman at the booth. I heard the man say about someone, " He has a way with words --if you can understand him." Most of the Dutch Mill customers were in the lounge in the back playing Oregon State Lottery video poker and line games.

Okay. Now, Three Beautiful Things:

1. Munson Creek Falls.

2. Lookout Cape State Park

3. Nehalem Bay State Park

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