Friday, August 21, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/20/09: Dan, Margaret, Michael

1. One of the reassuring constants in my life is Dan. He manages Euro Asian. Every 3,000 miles when I bring in my unglamorous little red 93 Honda Civic he treats me like I have a Mercedes and makes sure his mechanics give my car quality treatment. Whenever I come in he always calls me, wryly, "young man" and it's one of those things I can count on in my life that reassures me that there's some semblance of order in the world.

2. Margaret got delightfully worked up about her enjoyment of the movie "Julie and Julia" and zeroed in, with agitation, on a comment Roger Ebert made about the men not being that interesting in the movie. "Well, duh! It's not a movie about men!" Ha! Exactly! I've been enjoying Margaret's agitation over dumb bells for twenty-five years now....I just don't want to get on her dumb bell list!

3. Michael claims he's not much of a piano player but decided the hell with it and he's working on playing the Aria from Bach's Goldberg Variations.

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