Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/24/09: Babe Ruth Zen Master, No Crap, Fire House

1. The taxi driver who took me to the airport claimed that the team that knocked his out of the Babe Ruth All-Star tournament many years ago was coached by Phil Jackson. That's the cabbie's claim to fame.

2. On the flight from Eugene to Salt Lake City, the plane was under the control of a take charge, no bullshit attendant. She was great. One guy's seat didn't work properly. It wouldn't stay in the upright position for take off. She stopped the plane. Then she nearly kicked the guy off the plane who was in the malfunctioning seat because he acted put out that he had to change seats. She was ready to quietly, but forcefully, rip him a new one when he finally complied and moved to another seat on the plane. If terrorists had tried to hijack this plane, she would have kicked their ass.

3. David dropped by the Arlington Heights fire station to see his mates and I got to listen in on firehouse gossip and laugh firehouse laughs.

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EasternOregon2v said...

Your flight attendant is pretty inspiring. Wish I could master that balance.