Saturday, August 15, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/15/09: Back to the Kiva, Filing Photos, Slips, Bonus Beautiful Thing

1. As much as I enjoyed being at the coast for a week, I sure enjoyed going to the Kiva today and loading up on lunch meat, cheese, breakfast sausage, and Irish cheese.

2. More photos filed, posted on Flickr and Facebook. It's time consuming and a bit tedious, but I love having them taken care of. Now I just need to crank up the storage drive and get them on there tomorrow.

3. Tickets on sale. Floydian Slips. October 10. McDonald Theater. I can hardly wait.

Bonus: I paid next to no attention to Woodstock in 1969. I haven't seen the movie. But, with XM 40 playing performances from the Woodstock Music and Art Fair through the weekend, with a few non-Woodstock things here and there, like "In a Gadda da Vida", I'm having my first sustained experience with the festival and am enjoying it through and through. Better late than never.

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