Monday, August 17, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/17/09:Valley Power, French Pix, Eyebrow Laughs

1. Jane and I went to North Idaho College together and I just learned, through Facebook chat, why this blog means so much to her. Maybe I'll write more about this at another time, but I learned so much tonight, from Jane, about the power of the rough, authentic, loving ways of us Silver Valley kids back in 1972-73.

2. A woman from France asked two other customers at Brail's counter if she could take a picture of them. I think she wanted to show her friends back home that she had dined in an authentic American bacon and eggs joint and that she'd witnessed real Americans eating, one eating real link sausages, hash browns, and eggs, the other a Denver omelette. My corn beef hash and eggs and hash browns and English muffin didn't make the cut. Probably the muffin's fault.

3. I got my hair cut today and when the woman cutting my hair asked if I wanted her to trim my eyebrows, she laughed out loud when I said, "I never think about my eyebrows. You tell me. Do they need a trim?"


inlandempiregirl said...

so...... did you get the eyebrows trimmed?

raymond pert said...

I saw her shears pass before my eyes...I think she was trimming my eybrows!