Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/23/09: Old Dreams and New Learning, Walking, Albertson's Delight

1. Thirty years or more, I harbored the possibility of going to seminary. I thought I might like to be a church minister. I dreamed of giving illuminating sermons that overturned the idea of God as exclusive or as the dominion of any human institution or any geographic location. As I listened to Dr. Loren Crowe preach today at St. Mary's and as he brought subtleties of the Old Testament lesson to light that demonstrated the transcendent and all-inviting nature of God, I was inspired by the sermon on its own terms and I was reminded of I one day wished I would do. The inspiration and the memory were both uplifting.

2. I've been feeling physically sluggish of late and I walked to St. Mary's and it felt good to get the blood flowing more forcefully.

3. I got to go through my favorite checker's stand at Albertson's and she doesn't know me from Adam but was all interested in my trip to Chicago and was sincere when she wished me a good trip and reunion with The Deke.

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inlandempiregirl said...

It must have been a Sunday for Amazing Sermons. Paul preaches at the Christian Life Center, our Pastor Shane delivered an outstanding sermon celebrating another anniversary of being our pastor and now this. Good Sunday for all! Safe travels.