Thursday, August 27, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 08/26/09: Toast-Off, Mapping, Deck Talk

1. Who has the better breakfast? Dunton's in Arlington Heights or the Silver Spoon in Kellogg? No contest. Silver Spoon. Dunton's or Brails in Eugene? No contest. Brails. I'm not ready to pit Brails against the Silver Spoon just yet. I have to wait until I have toast again at the Silver Spoon. Whoever has the better toast will win!

2. I'm in a town I don't know with streets and state highways all over the place and I get online, check out maps and directions, and find my way around. Love it.

3. David's deck is done and it was a pleasure sitting on the deck with Deke and David and Muff, especially because The Deke really enjoyed her trip to the Loop.

UPDATE: By a crumb, and I mean just a crumb, the toast at the Silver Spoon is slightly less mediocre than the toast at Brails. I love breakfast at both places, but I wish both would invest in better bread for their toast. I have quit ordering toast at Brails and have a biscuit instead. Nowhere I've ever eaten, though, have I enjoyed the counter more than at Brails. Watching and listening to the wait staff work with the cooks and observing Joy, the owner, oversee the whole operation is fascinating. Joy hires great help.

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MarmiteToasty said...

make sure they serve that toast spread with marmite :) then they would win hands down lol