Sunday, December 6, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/06/09: Janet and Clarence, Les' Granddaughters, Maggie's Home

1. Janet sent me a lovely note this morning about my student Clarence and a wonderful conversation Clarence and Janet's partner had at the Egan Warming Center. I had no idea Janet reads this blog. That was uplifting. So were her kind words about Clarence and toward me.

2. Les and I had Clay/Kathy anniversary cake together at coffee hour this morning and I was deeply relieved to know that he and the Deke had talked since Deke returned from Arlington Heights. Les thinks so highly of the Deke and all she has done for his granddaughters and I was uplifted as he shared his gracious thoughts with me.

3. Maggie escaped the backyard and a perfect stranger, and I regard him as perfect, took the time to not only read Maggie's tag, but to put a nice leash on her and walk her to our house. We hadn't noticed she had left the yard and so we were saved the worry of her absence, but certainly felt the joy and relief of her return.

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