Monday, December 21, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/21/09: Books Cleared Out, Desk Cleared Off, Music Back

1. I took all the books off my shelves, boxed up ones I rarely look at, and made room for the books that were piled on my desk and elsewhere. It really opened things up in my room.

2. After a couple months of neglect, I finally got my desk cleared off and made a space where I can sit and write again.

3. I hadn't had my XM Satellite radio hooked up for a while and now it's filling my room with Holiday Pops Christmas music. Beautiful. I'm going to have it on all night while I sleep.

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Christy Woolum said...

Holiday Pops music is really about the best. Are there any of those boxed up books I might like or want before they are taken away? Do you have the complete collection of Jane Kenyon's poetry or Mary Oliver's? How about throwaways like Frost, Whitman or Sandburg? I know you don't have writing books because you don't read them so I won't ask. Just askin' ya know.