Friday, December 25, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/25/09: Subdued Christmas, Call Home, Armenian/Middle Eastern Fare

1. The excitement that marks Christmas Eve services was gone. I'm very grateful. I couldn't enter into that excitement last night, so I stayed home from church. But this morning's Christmas Eucharist was subdued, even intimate feeling, with a small number of people in attendance. It was perfect for me. I didn't have to act joyous, but could feel the deep meaning of Christmas Day and experience the profound pleasure of visiting with a handful of people I've known for many, many years in our parish.

2. O.K. Yes, the Deke and I were not abuzz with merriment today. But, I sure did love calling home twice and listening to the rundown on what happened in Kellogg on Christmas Day and having some good laughs with my mom and sisters and listening to all the laughter in the background.

3. Baba Ganoush. Hummus. Olives. Pita Bread. A variety of olives. Lamb. Roasted potatoes. Etc. Our friend Artemis is Armenian and she prepared a splendid Christmas meal of Middle Eastern foods and kindly invited me and Pat and the Deke to join in her family.

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