Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/23/09: Clarence Redux, Tripod Joy, Hawaiian Food Disaster

1. I walked down to the library to try to find Clarence again and I didn't find him, but once again I received an email from him and so tomorrow we have a set time and place to meet so he can get back on track and finish WR 121.

2. Russell dropped by and gave me a Christmas gift: a camera tripod. I've never used one and am eager to learn how to create pictures with it that I can't make with my shaky hands.

3. The food was so bad it was hilarious and the hilarity made it somehow beautiful to me: Hawaiian "BBQ" at the Kona Cafe on W 18th in Eugene. My chicken was so dry it almost tasted sandy. My wok noodles were rubber bands. The cafe was cold. In fact, on this foggy, chilly day, it was warmer outside than in the Kona Cafe. I like trying out new places to eat, and I've just crossed Kona Cafe off my return list forever.

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