Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/08/09: Grandma, Sports Talk, Cold Snap

1. Normally, as an instructor, I rarely know what impact the books I assign have on my students. But, once in a while I find out. Maygan told me this evening that she has begun having conversations with her grandmother about her experience with the Japanese in the Philippines. It's giving her grandmother a chance to talk about something very important to her and giving Maygan a chance to learn about her grandmother and WWII. These conversations are a result of Maygan reading The Souvenir in our WR 121 class. I really couldn't be happier...ah...I love that Maygan is getting to know her grandmother better inspired by curiosity inspired by Louise Steinman's elegant book.

2. Gunnar is a student of mine who reminds me, in a most positive way, of guys I grew up with in Kellogg and he has one of my favorite habits when he comes by my office to get help with his writing...he likes to join me in getting sidetracked and talking about the Blazers, Steelers, youth football, the Oregon Ducks, and anything else related to sports. It's really fun.

3. This cold snap in Eugene messes with my imagination. I swear, as I drive up Willamette the cloudless skies, shimmering sunlight, dry air, and bundled up people conspire to make me think I'm driving in North Idaho on a clear cold blue wintry day. It's fun being one place and feeling like I'm where I'd always rather be.

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