Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/07/09: Twenty-Somethings Crossroad, Sam the Victorian, Limeade

1. Every once in a while I find out about crossroads between students and other people I know and I'm buzzing from learning that Shana and Jessica go way back. For a while, Jessica spent quite a bit of time around our house and was one of my very favorite of Molly's friends. I really enjoyed looking at her wedding pictures on Shana's Facebook page.

2. I enjoyed being able to tell Sam in the most positive way possible that he is unique among all the students I've ever had. Because the word "unique" narrows the field considerably, I cannot say that to many students, but Sam brings to his studies a depth of knowledge about myths and tales and heroes unlike any student I've known and he writes with in a style I fully enjoy. One of his instructors described his prose as 19th century. That works. I love 19th century prose! (Let's just say he's much more George Eliot than Thomas Carlyle!)

3. In these sad times for the Deke, I try in my fumbling ways to do things that will in some small way relieve her of her pain. I fixed a little pot roast with fried potatoes and beans and corns for dinner. She said, "That was good." My heart rose. I was in the living room and my cell phone rang. She'd gone to bed, mostly as a defense against the cold. The Deke wanted her limeade cup filled but didn't want to come back into the cold air. It was a small thing for me to do, but I like to think it helped.

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