Friday, December 11, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/10/09: Comfort Coffee, Who's That Old Man in the Hoodie?, Growth is Messy

1. My fingers were red and cold just from driving a short distance from home to Brails. Anna poured me a cup of hot coffee, I wrapped my hands around it, and the blood was flowing again in minutes.

2. It was a finals week class reunion! About six of my WR 121 students all showed up at my office together to take care of this and that. I was working in the hall corner, just ten feet from my office door, with my Lane sweat shirt hood covering my head. Not one of them recognized me. We had a good laugh when I identified myself and they realized I wasn't another "older" student waiting to see an instructor to negotiate a last-minute-end-of-the-quarter-I-need-more-time-to-finish-this-course deal!

3. Some of my WR 121 students have done just what I hope for: they've extended their thinking and writing into uncharted territory; they are writing more complex essays; in some ways, these essays are a mess and it's a mess I admire and reward. No growth happens when essays are only tidy and safe.

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