Friday, December 25, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/24/09: Clarence Back to Writing, Holiday Cheerlessness and Cheer, Roasted Chicken

1. Clarence and I had a good talk today about the writing he has to do and about the circumstances of his life that lead him to write about the things he's working on. I have every confidence that unless Clarence has health problems recur over the next week that he will write these papers and complete the course. He's a strong man. He's quietly determined and has a deep sense of dignity. Right now, his strength and dignity compels him to do all he can not to repeat the things he'd done in the past that have made his life today so difficult. His margin for error is very, very tiny.

2. After taking pictures on Saturday of the grim and cheerless monochromatic emptiness of downtown Eugene, today Russell and I went to Valley River Center in search of signs of holiday cheer. Here's a contrast of the two places:

3. The Deke roasted the chicken today that was going to be our Christmas dinner until we accepted a dinner invitation at the Walsh's. The chicken was tender, the roasted Yukon potatoes sweet, and the whole onions even sweeter: combined with smooth gravy, it was a perfect meal.

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