Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 12/09/09: Ibarra Comfort, Arctic Office, Trouser Tightening Food

1. I suddenly thought how I used to fix myself hot chocolate using chocolate Ibarra chunks and thought a cup might taste/feel good during our cold snap and I was right. It was tasty and soothing and warming, just right on a cold December evening.

2. You gotta laugh. My last night and today my office has cold air blowing into it. I went to Linda, who runs our workplace, and laughingly told her that I wanted to report that the air conditioning was working fine in my office. She said she's reported it and would again. I said, OK...but be sure to tell them I'm laughing about it." I'm hoping good cheer might work better than a hissy fit. (Did I just paraphrase the Tao de Ching?!)

3. I'd made a batch of pasta sauce with fat hamburger and Italian sweet sausage, hoping it might be of comfort to the Deke when she returned from Arlington Heights. Upon return, she wasn't much interested, so I froze it. Last night she was interested, and I have to say, it was one fine sauce and having some pasta and baguette and salad with blue cheese dressing followed by Ibarra hot chocolate later in the evening lifted my spirits and made my trousers even tighter!


inlandempiregirl said...

How very true about hot chocolate. I never have hot chocolate anymore, but this last week I have made it and even bought more. It hits the spot during this cold spell.

Go Figure said...

Go Ducks?