Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 11/27/11: Soup Prep, Temple of 16 Tons, Devouring Dinner

1.  I've been in the mood for chicken soup so I bought a couple pounds of chicken legs, bones removed, and started making broth last night.  Today I put the soup together, let it slow cook all day.

2.  The Troxstar and I met at 16 Tons for some honest strong winter ale.  It was delicious, especially the Belgian beers, but when it comes to strong winter ales, I'm not that strong.  We cut ourselves off, fearing we were about to speak in tongues in the temple of 16 Tons and went to the TroxCrib and watched the early part of the lousy Pittsburgh/Kansas City Sunday night football game.  We thought having an amped down beer, a Cool Grand from the kegerator would be nice.  That last beer made me really eager to go home to my chicken soup.

3.  Once home, I boiled egg noodles to the edge of being of soft and put them in the soup.  Meanwhile, I fixed myself a toasted sharp cheddar cheese on Dakota bread sandwich and the soup and sandwich were so good that I made myself a second toasted sandwich and had a second bowl of soup.

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