Friday, December 16, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/15/11: Rest, Abstract Photos, Medicinal Squash

1.  I stayed home to rest my sore throat and runny nose and cough.  Yes, I wanted to get back out and take more pictures, but I didn't.  I rested. 

2.  Back on Monday and Tuesday, I took my favorite kind of photograph. Today I posted them on both Facebook and at Flickr.   I love water surfaces and the way things not only reflect on the surface, but the way breezes, ice, and light affect the surface and what's reflected.  My favorite style of art is abstract, and these surfaces make abstract pictures available in fun and, I think, beautiful ways:

3.  The Deke took over the kitchen tonight and made the finest acorn squash stuffed with rice and spaghetti sauce.  It was not only tasty, but medicinal. 

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