Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/19/11: Soup, Physical Shopping, Diane Chambers at Sixteen Tons

1.  I've been warming myself with daily soup and today enjoyed a bowl of beef short rib soup at the Korea House. 

2.  I decided to do my gift buying for my sisters and their husbands in Eugene and had got in some good walking, going downtown and to the University area.  I liked perusing, taking things off the shelf.  I liked handling the gifts I bought.  I liked going from store to store.  The walking was good.  So was the soup.  Virtual shopping can be good, but I liked getting physical today.

3.  The Troxstar and I met for a couple honest pints at Sixteen Tons.  The witty and lovely and charming Diane Chambers, played by Emily, kept us entertained with her intellectual prowess (her recitation of Marvell's "The Garden" was very impressive), jazz music,  and her innocent lack of street smarts.  The highlight of tonight's visit, however, was the superb black and tan Diane made for me with Guiness Extra Stout and  Hop Valley Golden Road. 

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