Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/03/11: Packed Pancake House, Shakespeare Showcase, Winding Down

1.  I enjoyed being a part of the crowd packing Ye Olde Pancake House on West 11th and ate my corned beef hash, hash browns, eggs, and English muffin with the hope that this breakfast would sustain me through the matinee performance of the Shakespeare Showcase.

2.  I don't have a great eye for this sort of thing, but, from my perspective, the performances at the 2:00 Showcase were much better than the same performances at dress rehearsal yesterday.  Then, at the 7:00 show, with a full house (yes!  a full house!), the level of acting, tech smoothness, and lighting proficiency was even better.  The 7:00 show had snap.  It's thrilling to see how gorgeous all these students look in their costumes and how their eyes radiate and sparkle under the theater lights.

3.  It was relaxing to cap off a full day of narrating at the theater with a half pint of New Belgium Snow Day Ale followed by a half pint of Pelican Tsunami Stout.  Sixteen Tons was quiet.   I drank the beers slowly, thoughtfully.  I wound down.  Ahhhh.

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