Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/06/11: Improvement Continues, IPA!, Hot Drumettes

1.  As my individual conferences with my writing students continue, I'm heartened by seeing admirable improvement in many of my students' writing.  I enjoy being able to tell these students in person what they are doing that's better and seeing them beam, if only a little bit.

2.  I called the Deke to see if she could meet at Sixteen Tons for an hour of wine and ale and she could and the joint was really quiet and we relaxed and I enjoyed two pints of Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, the first IPA I've drunk in many many months.  I enjoyed them.  The IPA was a nice change of pace and possibly IPA will return on occasion to my personal tap rotation.

3.  I fried those floured drumettes carefully, attentively in canola oil and some butter.  I made them crispy and then slowly cooked them through and combined butter and Frank's hot sauce in a saucepan and coated the chicken and Samantha and the Deke were blown away by how good these Buffalo drumettes were.  I liked them, too. 

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Go Figure said...

RP: I have been off on the crusades. Just stopped in. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! What is an IPA? Is it like Keystone Ice? Ha! Best regards.