Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/01/11:Gratifying, Impressionistic, Rib Eye

  1.  I started conferences today with WR 121 students and particularly enjoyed working with a student who had been estranged from her biological father and wrote about their reconciliation -- it was especially gratifying to know that reading Louise Steinman's The Souvenir was important to her in helping her sort out her situation with her dad.

2.  I've been reviewing the photographs I took on Friday, a week ago, down by Autzen Stadium, and I'm really happy with the way, to me, some of my pictures, taken of the Millrace and of a heron, look like watercolors.  I think people who have looked at my heron pictures like the naturalistic ones best, but I really like the impressionistic ones best.  Here's an example: 

3.  The rib eye steak at Billy Mac's really hit the spot and I was especially intrigued by tonight's conversation, especially as we talked about teaching.  

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Gathering Around the Table said...

I never had a chance to tell you how much I loved that whole series of photos. I will have to revisit them and savor them when things slow down a bit.