Sunday, December 25, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/24/11: Saturday Breakfast, Market of Choice, St. Mary's Worship

1.  Everything worked great.  The kitchen staff worked well together getting eggs cracked and scrambled and cooked, vegetables ready, fruit bowls prepared, bacon, sausage, ham, and potatoes heated up, bread toasted and buttered, oatmeal, grits, mashed potatoes, and gravy fixed, orange juice ready, and everything else.  The dining room crew got all the tables set up and the food stations in place.  Hungry men and women were lined up down the stairs and out the door and we fed nearly two hundred fifty people of all ages and mental and physical conditions a full breakfast again this Saturday. 

2.  The atmosphere at Market of Choice crackled with good cheer at the butcher counter, the produce area, up and down the food aisles, and at the checkout stands.  It made shopping for Christmas dinner even more fun.

3.  Amy approached me a while back with questions about St. Mary's Episcopal Church and decided that Christmas Eve would be a fitting evening to visit and worship.  We met at the 9:00 service.  It was dignified and full of beauty.  Afterward, Amy and stood on the 13th Avenue porch of St. Mary's and enjoyed a long talk together about the church and worship and a complex of other related things.  It was a wonderful way to enjoy the eve of Christmas Day.  I then returned to the inside of the church for the Solemn High Eucharist at 11 and enjoyed reading the Old Testament lesson, Isaiah 9:2-7. 

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