Sunday, December 4, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 12/04/11: Troxstar is Everywhere, Deke's Soup, Sweet!

1.  After picking up some groceries and other stuff at Safeway, Hiron's, and the Kiva, I decided I wanted a pint of Hopworks What the Helles, but I had an empty stomach so I went to Dickie Jo's and picked up a burger and an order of fries and took them to 16 Tons, strolled in, and there was the Troxstar talking to Wolfie.  Bonus.  I had planned on a eating and drinking a beer alone, but got to have some Trox-o-Time instead.

2.  The Deke made a pot of tasty turkey soup that she started to prepare last night and it tasted really good, especially with the Pugliese bread I bought at the Kiva.  

3.  I made an early evening ice cream run and brought home two kinds:  Drumstick and French Silk.  Samantha said, "Sweet!"  I took that to mean she liked my choices.

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