Friday, February 1, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 01/31/19: Walking to the Clinic, Premier Customer Service, Back to Andrews Gymnasium

1. I sprang up this morning and, right away, I put on my jeans and a sweatshirt, put on a warm coat and stocking cap and gloves, strapped on my backpack, put a can of seltzer water and a lab order in it and set off to walk to the clinic to have a couple of vials of blood drawn for Dr. Kristie Jones, my nephrologist. Tracy, the world's best phlebotomist, and I got a few things straightened out about today's blood draw and my one to come in March and I walked back home, stopping at The Bean for a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with a light swipe of cream cheese and a cup of half Americano and half steamed milk. I then walked home.

2. I got things straightened out with my antibiotic eye drops by talking to Nurse Renetta at the North Idaho Eye Institute and by going over to the pharmacy at Yoke's and being treated to the best and most generous customer service I have ever experienced at any pharmacy anywhere -- but, I should say that the great way they treated me at Yoke's Pharmacy was consistent with every experience I've had at this pharmacy, extending back to my regular dealings with them when I helped out with Mom's care and dealing with her medications.

3. About 6:00, I walked west on Cameron Avenue and then turned north on Jacobs Gulch Road and headed to Kellogg High School to watch the Kellogg boys varsity squad shellack Bonners Ferry, 63-45. For the second time this week, I had a lot of fun watching the Wildcats play a team on their own level. As in Monday night's Wallace game, spearheaded by point guard Brennen Atkins, the Wildcats played ankle-biting defense, pestering the Badgers (badgering the Badgers?), frustrating them, forcing them into bad passes, careless dribbling, and rushed shots.

As the two teams warmed up, I mused to myself that Bonners Ferry might be in some trouble because they only had eight players in uniform. Kellogg's coach, Jeff Nearing, has four players on his bench in whom he has as much confidence as his starters and he substitutes players in and out of the game freely, both keeping players out of foul trouble and keeping his players fresh and rested. By about the second quarter and most emphatically throughout the second half, the Wildcat's constant hounding, disrupting, smothering, and harassing of the pooped Bonners Ferry boys wore down the Badgers. Kellogg held several leads of over twenty points and would have won by a 21 point margin had a Badger not hit a 30-35 foot heave at the game ending buzzer to trim Kellogg's lead to 18 points.

I was especially impressed with how guard Graden Nearing was the most assertive I've ever seen him on offense and he kept putting the ball on the deck and heading to the iron despite having three (I think) lousy offensive foul calls go against him when driving to the basket.

I walked 8700 steps today and racked up over 4 miles.

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