Monday, February 4, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 02/03/19: Staying Put, Sibling Assignment, Updating flickr

1.  This coming week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I have to make a trip each day for medical reasons: cataract surgery, cataract post-op exam, and a pulmonary review as I continue to be examined in the hope of being listed for a kidney transplant at Sacred Heart in Spokane. I decided to stay home today, launder my sheets, do some other laundry, and rest up a bit for tomorrow's procedure.

2. I completed Sibling Assignment #204, a pictorial assignment that Christy gave us.  If you'd like to look at my post, it's here and links to my sisters' work is right there in my post.

3. Because I have lost interest in the NFL over the past couple of seasons, I didn't watch the Super Bowl. Instead, I got caught up on my flickr account by creating an album of my Winter 2019 pictures so far. When I create these albums, I include all pictures, no matter whether I think they are good or lousy. Sometimes my mind changes about a shot and like to have them all stored on flickr. If you'd like to look at this album, it's right here.

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