Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 02/04/19: Roads Clear, Cataract Surgery, A Vivid World

1. After a night of snowfall, the Kellogg School District closed. Paul had the day free. Paul is our family's most experienced wintry roads driver and volunteered to take me to CdA for cataract surgery instead of Christy. As it turned out, the freeway was in splendid shape, bare with little or no ice and we arrived at the North Idaho Eye Institute early (just the way I like it!) and I got checked in.

2. The surgery, according to the doctor, was successful. It didn't involve much: numbing eye drops, a mild sedative through an IV, a warm blanket tossed over me. I was in a chair very much like at the dentist and when it was time for the surgery, a nurse put some kind of spongy thing over my face and eye, an oxygen instrument fed me air, and someone assisting the doctor regularly flushed my eye with liquid. During the short operation, I didn't feel anything, but had bright flashes of color pulse in my eye, as if I were at one of those planetarium laser light shows. Soon, one of the staff wheeled me in my dentist chair back to the pre-op area, served me coffee, let the sedative wear off a bit, and, before long, I was back in the waiting room with a  shield taped over my eye. Soon Paul picked me up and we returned to Kellogg.

3. Back home, I began my regimen of giving myself steroid and antibiotic eye drops. I felt no discomfort today. My eyes never felt dry or itchy.  Each time I removed the shield, I could see, in increments, that with the new lens inserted behind my right eye, the world was brighter, the light more pure, and the colors in our house more vivid. At my post-op appointment on Feb. 5th at 9:30, it is likely the doctor will tell me to wear the shield only at night for about a week. I hope to also be cleared to drive. I return for a second surgery on Feb. 26th.

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