Friday, February 8, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 02/07/19: Comforts of Home, J. S. Bach Day, Pasties and Zags

1.  I picked up a bug on Monday and am now doing all I can to get over a cold. It was a relief today to stay home and not have any medical appointments to meet. I took care of nuts and bolts stuff: dishes, bills, updating my calendar, blowing my nose, making new appointments at the Lung and Asthma center, writing some emails. I nodded off from time to time. I drank a lot of water and black tea. I hope to shake off this cold soon.

2. I put a J. S. Bach shuffle on the Echo Dot and everything I did today was made more pleasant by Bach concertos, cello suites, preludes, fugues, variations on themes (like the Goldberg Variations), and some choral music.

3. Just before six, I braved the frigid weather and walked next door to join Christy and Everett for a dinner of pasties, peppery green beans, and a chopped salad. As we finished eating our delicious dinner, the basketball game between Gonzaga and Univ. of San Francisco came on. The two teams had played a fairly tight game last month, but tonight the Zags were more explosive and crushed the Dons, 92-62.

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