Sunday, February 11, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 02/11/07: Cyprus, Big Tracks, Sarah

1. Experiementing with self-portraits in the theater again. In *Othello* I appear as a drunk from Cyprus a couple of times and then return as the bearer of a blanket so that the dead Roderigo can be carted off. I photographed myself tonight in my Cyprus costume. You get the sense of lousy overhead lights in the dressing room and what a bomb shelter it can feel like:

2. I have been listening to XM Satellite Radio Channel 49: Big Tracks. It's like one guilty pleasure after another. Tonight the programming seemed especially fixed on the Electric Light Orchestra. Guilt, guilt, guilt: Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.

3. I was very happy to learn that Sarah, the stage manager for "Othello", loves the movies "Dirty Pretty Things" and "Pieces of April". She glowed when talking about them and I hope I glowed back!


Annie get your guns said...

I have been pondering why it is that you are growing a beard, now I know.....all drunks don't shave!!

Starr Kelso said...

RP,(and annie)
I thought it was writers that had beards. Of course I guess that there are some drunks mixed into that august group. But what the heck, it sounds to me like a good enough reason, as any, to start growing a beard!

Katrina said...

Some sober people don't shave, either. The Geek is a case in point--he has sensitive skin, and daily shaving irritates it; at least that is what he tells me when I am stinging from whisker burn.

"Pieces of April" is one of my favorite movies. I love the whole phenomenon of "found" family. (I haven't yet seen "Dirty Pretty Things".)