Friday, March 2, 2007

Jeni Pearson's Memorial, Short Addition

In writing about Jeni Pearson's memorial service, I forgot to write that near the end of the service the floor was opened to individuals to tell stories or share thoughts about Jeni.

This part of the service was opened stirringly by Jeni's daughter, Trudi, who, with remarkable poise and eloquence, described the overflowing good spirit of her mother. Her mother loved puzzles, board games, golf, cooking, baking, volunteering at the hospital, playing with her grandchildren, and, above all, Jeni loved being an unpretentious servant of God. Trudi described her mother's service to God as straight forward, almost a reflex. It was how she was. She didn't need to motivate herself or push herself to serve God. She just did.

She was the Kingdom of God in our midst.

Those who spoke about Jeni praised her generosity. My favorite comment came from a man who quoted Lionel Ritchie: "Jeni was once, twice, three times a lady".


Roger, Jeni's son and my life-long friend, wrote his tribute and I will make his deeply moving tribute available to interested readers over the weekend.

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Katrina said...

Beautiful. It's so inspiring to attend the funeral of one who truly loved and served God during her life. My mother-in-law was one such person.

In the midst of the grieving, there is a very real and powerful sense that you are witnessing not an end, but a beginning.

Hope does that to you. :D