Thursday, January 10, 2019

Three Beautiful Things 01/09/18: Coffee and 5000 Steps, Connie Sachs, Christy's Birthday Cake

1. Ed called me this morning and we met at the Bean and, among other things, we made plans for meeting Stu on Thursday at ShopKo in Coeur d'Alene. From there we'll go to Bayview to check on Stu's boat and then go out for pizza. I wanted to walk to the Bean, but didn't have time. Later, though, I walked nearly 5000 steps when I strolled down to the vet and back to pick up some medicine for Charly.

2. Back home, I watched episodes 2-3 of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It's all very hush hush as these members of the British intelligence maneuver around each other, seeming more committed to advancing in the bureaucracy than gathering intelligence. I loved one scene in particular. The elderly George Smiley goes to Oxford to pay a call to a former intelligence researcher, Connie Sachs. Connie Sachs and George Smiley were lovers when younger and were both let go from the agency at the same time in an agency shake up. Beryl Reid plays the embittered, whip smart, alcoholic role of Connie Sachs brilliantly and unforgettably, conveying Connie Sachs' longing, feeling of betrayal, and nearly total recall of details from her work with quiet pathos and some very affecting sentimentality as well.

3. Next door neighbor Jane used to always bake Mom an angel food cake with lemon frosting for her birthday on January 19th. A few days back, Jane asked Christy if she could bake the same kind of cake for Christy's birthday -- which was today. Christy gladly accepted Jane's offer. Around six o'clock, Paul, Carol, and I met with Everett and Christy at their house and we each enjoyed the cake and a small glass of Spumante. Christy had had lunch with friends earlier in the day, had shopped for half-price snowmen at JB's Country Garden uptown (and came home with a free flower bouquet!), and had had a good visit with our nephrologist, Dr. Jones. This evening, she opened some gifts and we all gabbed for a while, basking in the warmth of the living room fire.

Everett goes to the clinic on Thursday, January 10th. NP Linda Jo Yawn wants to follow up on her examination of him last week. Tonight, while we celebrated Christy's birthday, Everett didn't have much of an appetite -- he hasn't for quite a while --, but he was in good spirits. He loves sitting near the fire.  He can't hear anything, though, and something seems messed up with his hearing aids.  He did his best to join in the conversation, even when things he said were unrelated to what we were talking about at a given moment. It's hard to know Everett is isolated from what's going on around him and unable to join in the flow of conversation.

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